Nine Day Novena to St. Joseph

Introduction to the Foster Father of Jesus Challenge 

When conducting research for a presentation I made on the 1955 National Convention of the Holy Name Society held in Pittsburgh, I encountered a very interesting quote from the Archbishop of Washington, DC.  I was using theWashington Post Archives because it contained records of publications, of the greatest antiquity, which could be electronically accessed.  The Archbishop was lamenting that from his perspective there was too large a disparity between the numbers of men and women who were active in church ministry.  He was hoping to increase the number of women who actively participated in the life of the church.

Today as one realistically appraises the relative percentages of participation, we must say that the Archbishop’s hopes have been fulfilled.  We thank God for the great numbers of female altar servers, cantors, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, choir members, etc., who generously devote their time and talent to serving in our Partner Parishes.  It is even possible the balance has swung the other direction.  Since I arrived at the Parishes I’ve notice not only very active participation in the ministries I referenced above but also on an organization level.

In addition to the Catholic Daughters of America, the Christian Mothers, and the Society of Catholic Women, the Parishes previously were supported by active Holy Name Societies and a Knights of Columbus Council.  It is my hope to reinvigorate these fraternal organizations in our Parishes.  I participated in a men’s retreat at the Bishop Connare Center last weekend.  My presentation was on intercessory prayer.  For the nine days prior to the retreat, the organizers electronically provided a Novena to St. Joseph for those scheduled to participate.  The focus of the Novena was the extraordinary virtues of St. Joseph.  It praises him for his role of foster father of Jesus, husband of Mary, protector of the Holy Family, skill artisan and provider.  However, with all these virtues that reflect his strength, the greatest recognition given him is for his humility, humble as a foster father of the Messiah and spouse of the ever Blessed Virgin Mary.

I was so impressed with the Novena that I would like to share it with our parishioners, particularly our men and boys.  It is an inspirational account of the great strength, sacrifices and love St. Joseph exercised as he fulfilled the vocation God the Father had given him.

Please keep an eye out for this Novena after Mother’s Day and follow this via our website: or call the office if you wish to have a copy mailed to you.

Rev. Timothy J. Kruthaupt, Pastor



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